Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting over my cold.

Yesterday I weighed in at 174 on the nose. That's a l.4 pound loss from last week. Not bad considering I didn't go to the gym once last week because of my cold. I have been sticking to my calories (most days). I'm so close to the 160's so I can't let mental set backs get to me. I do this thing where I am hard on myself if I do one little thing wrong (which some days leads to binging). What I need right now is some positive thinking and to stop stressing over every little thing I do wrong. Dwelling only sets me back further. At this point I have to realize that I am behind and that I am probably not going to lose 100 pounds at my year mark ( probably a little over a year). Well here is something positive. I checked my BMI today and it's 26.5. Only 11 pounds to go before I am in a healthy BMI range!  I remember when I was 95 pounds away from a healthy BMI and it just seemed impossible!

Next week I am hoping for 172 on Sunday (my next weigh in). Today went to the gym and did my normal routine.
  •  1 mile- walk to the gym
  • 15 minutes- biking (level 10)
  • 50 minutes- elliptical (level 11)
  • 30 minutes- strength training (today lower body tomorrow upper)
  • 1 mile- walk home from the gym
I am definitely hitting the gym for the rest of the week because I feel so much better. Also I am going to try chewing gum more often (something I used to do at the beginning of my weight loss). I have been getting so many cravings lately so I will try to chew a piece of gum every time I'm not really hungry but just "snacky" and see if that works for me. Sweet watermelon Extra will be my friend this week.


  1. I lovvve the chocolate mint extra, it's sooo yummy. That's a good idea for cravings!

  2. I haven't tried that sounds interesting. The gum thing worked before so now that I seem to be falling a little off track it's time for gum again.


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