Monday, December 26, 2011

Catching up, Cupcakes, and Christmas.

This morning I felt so lazy so I slept in. Later when I woke up I weighed in at 175.2 . Which means that I gained .8 lbs. I am so sick of the 170's it's not even funny! I am going to get more serious about my diet (strict!). I think I need to go back to measuring EVERYTHING and not just eyeballing portions. I'm a little annoyed. For some reason am not moving forward.

I did really good on my exercise this week as you can see on my calender...
  • Sunday- Biked 46 miles ( freaking hard! )
  • Monday- Rest
  • Tuesday- Cardio at gym 55 min + 30 min weight lifting + walk 1 mile
  • Wednesdy- Skipped the gym but jogged 30 minutes on my lunch break @ work
  • Thursday- Cardio at gym 65 min + 30 min weight lifting + walk 1 mile
  • Friday- Cardio at gym 65 min + 10 min weight lifting + walk 3 miles
  • Saturday- Cardio at gym 65 min + walk 2 miles
Now onto my Christmas and presents...

 My boyfriend Todd and I fully enjoyed our presents that we got for each other.
Todd enjoying his "Every day I'm Shufflin" shirt.
I have never seen someone love LMFAO so much in my life!

Todd got me the vegan pie cook book I wanted + a vegan cupcake cook book that I didn't even know was out yet! Plus I got a frosting decorating set! I was so happy that I made cupcakes ASAP.

Love my cook books!

Simple Chocolates cupcakes with Chocolate butter-cream frosting
I cant forget to add that my friend Hannah is in town this week and brought with her a big bag of clothes that she didn't want anymore. I was so grateful! I wish I could have got her a present but I am really broke right now. I needed clothes bad! About half of them I fit now and the rest are goal clothes. Thanks Hannah!

Some tops that fit me now.
 A floral top and white sweater that she gave me.
My roommate Debbie had a get together with friends here tonight. I filled up on rice, pasta, and cupcakes. Carb city! So NOT what I should be eating right now but I can't un-eat it all so I will just do my best to improve tomorrow. I don't even want to know how many calories I ate tonight. At least I burned a few calories playing games on her sons Move PS3.


  1. Hi there I'm a new reader. You look tiny in the picture of you! Looks like you're working out a lot. Maybe you're gaining muscle and that's why you're not seeing too much difference on the scale. Great blog, and delicious looking cupcakes! Happy New Year!

  2. This week is going to be salad city at my house. For my invite to a friend's Christmas night...I took a salad...and brought home an empty bowl. Every piece of lettuce, pepper, mushroom, everything got eaten. We must all be feeling it - the over eatin' thingy.

    January turns into Soup Month at my house...not on purpose usually. Maybe this year it will have to be on purpose. I'm ready.

  3. That is the most unique decorating set I have seen. Hooray for cupcake baking though! And, That was a FREAKIN' long bike ride. I told my husband how much you weigh now, and he just gasped. "She weighs less than me now!"

  4. Leigh: Thanks for being a new reader! Yeah I really need to get my real BMI checked at the gym I haven't done that in a few months. I want to see how much lean mass I have gained.

    Breath-e: I love salad and soup! Definitely more healthy than cupcakes.

    Diana: Cupcakes are my currant obsession at the moment I'm starting off with the simple ones and I'm going to move on to the crazy ones later like the boston cream pie cupcake (drool). Todd and I biked to the Mukilteo ferry then took it to Whidbey Island then biked all over the island and rode back. I broke down halfway crying though because he was like 2 miles ahead of me with my pb and j on his bike. Lol that's funny what your husband said! I finally weigh less then Todd (only by like 5 pounds) and it's kinda weird because I have been bigger than him for so long.


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