Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Walk on the Burke-Gilman Trail and my 18 week plan.

Today is my last day of vacation. I made the most of my last day by going on a long walk with Todd and making a new recipe for dinner. This week is also my 3rd week in my 18 week plan to lose 18 lbs in 18 weeks with 1,800 calories. My goal is to be 140 lbs and then up my calories by about 500 and just keep up my workouts to maintain that. Last month I stopped counting my calories as kind of an experiment. Lets just say that experiment failed (badly). I gained 10 lbs. I did write down what I ate everyday on a piece of paper that month. I realized that I am really good at lying to myself about how many snacks are ok to eat. I'll say things to myself like "Only one more" or "I had a hard day I earned such and such snack". For some reason I need calorie counting to keep me on track with how much I can eat. At this point I know that I have the working out down but the overeating part I think I might always struggle with.

Todd and I walked to Mathews Beach and back. That's 12.2 miles. That on top of the other walking I did today I walked a total of 13.3 miles! Lets just say my pedometer is very happy. Plus I went to the gym, did 50 minutes on the elliptical, and 30 minutes upper body weight lifting. I can tell I am getting some strong muscles.

Here are some pics from our walk

For dinner I made tempeh-broccoli saute from a cookbook called "Eat vegan on $4 dollars a day". This recipe turned out really good and only $1.25 per serving. People always tell me it's too expensive to eat vegan. I can tell your right now with a little bit of planning that it really isn't. 
Tempeh broccoli saute
Saute over brown rice.