Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello 160's! Goodbye 170's.

I really should have painted my toes... Oh well =).
Yesterday was my weekly weigh in. I lost 4 pounds from last weeks weigh in. Hello 160's! I was doing so good on my workouts and calories last week that I knew my weigh in was gonna be good. I didn't know it would be this good! I'm so glad i'm out of my 170's funk. I had been in the 170's for almost 4 months. For some reason I was feeling negative and lazy. I would be like "Aaah I gained this week! I guess I will just eat some more because I'm feeling like crap!" Its weird how I let emotions like that get the best of me when logically I know thinking like that makes no sense.

Looks like my lazy streak is over...

Last weeks exercises.
* I met my goal of 6 days of exercise.
  • Sunday- Gym 65 minute cardio +30 minute weight lifting + 2 mile walk
  • Monday- Bike 12 miles
  • Tuesday- Gym 65 minute cardio +30 minute weight lifting + 2 mile walk
  • Wednesday- Rest from gym + walk 1 mile
  • Thursday- Gym 65 minutes cardio + 30 minute weight lifting + 2 mile walk
  • Friday- Gym 65 minutes cardio + 30 minute weight lifting + 2 mile walk
  • Saturday- Gym 65 minutes cardio + 30 minute weight lifting + 3 mile walk

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Great start to my week and food log.

Lost .8 pounds this week. Not bad considering I only worked out 2 days last week. I kind of thought I was going to gain. I was great on my 1500 calories and my workout today. I'm really happy that Todd walked with me in the snow to the gym and worked out with me. I've been really missing someone to workout with. Now he says he will go with me 3 days a week! After the gym we walked to the near Vietnamese restaurant for lunch and had veg Pho with green tea. We shared a serving of warm cassava cake drizzled with coconut milk for dessert (drooling just thinking about it). All that hot food warmed us up really quick! I wish I would have taken pictures but I keep forgetting my camera.

Here is what I ate today. Of course I had to guess on the calories when I ate out today but I know that Pho is pretty low calorie. I just had to sneak in that biscoff cookie butter =).

A quote that struck me today...

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was tireless crusader for human rights, said:
"Life's most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?"do not say you
will do it "someday";
now is the time. Do not say "someone" will
do it; you are the one. Now is the time for youth to take full responsibility and courageously pave the way for the people's triumph.

-from Buddhism day by day, Wisdom for a modern life. by Daisaku Ikeda

Monday, January 9, 2012

Today marks 1 year of wieght loss!

I weighed in today and I lost 5.2 pounds from last week. That means I pretty much am down to my low weight before the holidays!

I am excited for my post today because I made it through ...
1 year of weight loss!
From a size 22/24 to a size 12/13.
Pounds and inches lost in 1 year
Start weight: 258 lbs
Currant weight: 174.6 lbs
Weight lost : 83.4 lbs

Before               Now                       Lost
Arms: 15''            Arms: 12 +1/4''    (-2 +3/4")
Bust: 48''             Bust: 37"             (-11")
Waist: 52''          Waist: 40"            (-12")
Hips: 51''             Hips: 41"             (-10")

 I am really happy that I started my journey of a healthy lifestyle change even if I didn't reach my goal of 100 pounds lost in a year.

It really helped to have support from my boyfriend Todd. I hated jogging at first but after he showed me that it was just mind over matter. I realized that I had a lot of emotional set backs while I was exercising and he helped me break free of my "word prisons". He helped me feel comfortable at the gym and even showed me how to lift weights. Now we are both so much healthier because I exercise so much and he is all about his biking lately. Don't even get me started on the portions sizes that we used to eat! We would eat a whole brick of cheese and a whole pack of crackers AS A SNACK! That was after breakfast lunch and dinner. Now I have a much better idea of portions and I measure all my food out before I cook it. I still calorie count using I love that website! It completely opened my eyes to what I am eating.
See that bump on my arm there? That's called a Tricep. Oh yeah muscles!

Vegan golden vanilla cupcakes with fluffy vanilla butter-cream frosting
Tomorrow is my birthday! I turn 22! Good thing I have some cupcakes leftover from the other day of baking for my Buddhist meeting. Maybe I will stick a candle in one of them and make a wish!?

Goals for 2012:
  • Start going to school so I can learn and support myself.
  • Get to the 140's or 150's. 
  • Introduce more people to my practice.
  • Run another 5k and maybe even do a 10k race (need to train).

Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year and a new waistline.

Happy 2012 everybody! Only one more week until my 1 year of weight loss anniversary! This purple skirt used to be tight on me 1 year ago. They are a size 24. The past few weeks I have been feeling sad that I have been gaining a bit ( this week I gained 4.6 so now I am 179.8). But when I try this old skirt on I realize that I have accomplished so much and that ALL the weight will NOT come back overnight. Plus I feel like Jared from that Subway commercial. But I'm still scared sometimes that I will let myself get that size again.

My New Years
I had so much fun this new years! My roommate had a pajama party with her family and friends and we played white elephant. I have never played that kind of game with gifts. She said we could only steal twice so I was the second person to steal this old navy gift card which means ITS ALL MINE!! I think I'm going to keep it until I reach my goal weight as a reward.
My roommates sister Kathy gave me these pajamas to wear for the party. They are perfect because they have cupcakes on them and I am currently obsessed with cupcakes =). Speaking of cupcakes next week I am making vanilla cupcakes with white butter-cream frosting and the chocolate with chocolate butter-cream frosting for my next Buddhist district meeting.