Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I survived!

 Picture updates. Taken today. 

Size Medium top and size medium yoga pants from Old Navy! 
*Old Navy runs big though.

My problem areas right now are my arms and my stomach. They are really not too big a deal. It's the extra skin that's bothering me. Like my bat wings! This weigh in I gained .8 pounds so now I am 174.4 . I only worked out 4 days and I didn't stick to my diet. I gotta step up my game if I wanna reach my goal and stop mentally sabotaging myself. Sometimes I get week and over eat or get lazy with my workouts. Not to mention there was a Buddhist general meeting / potluck at my house last week. Lets just say that I didn't stop at one plate.

In case anyone was wondering... on Monday I biked 58 miles (from Mukilteo to Georgetown and back) and I'm still alive! I did way better with the hills this time. We went to Georgetown because my boyfriend wanted to go to a farewell party for one of his co-workers. We ended up being an hour late and missed out on the party thanks to my slow biking. My back was hurting me but I realized that my seat was too low so we raised it a couple inches which helped alot. It was so freezing and I couldn't feel my fingers or toes! When we got home I hurt everywhere! It's gonna be a while before I bike that far again. What's funny is a year ago biking 5 miles seemed like too much. I had a lot of fun though = ).
Next week I will blog about how I did with Thanksgiving on a diet! Lets hope I stick with just 1 plate. Oh and I have to post a cookie recipe! I made Mexcican chocolate snickerdoodles! I feel like my post is too long already so I'll save the cookies for next week.


  1. Good work its not easy loseing weight. Good luck on your success in the future

  2. Dang Lorrie! You are doing amazing!

  3. I wish I knew who these anonymous are.


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