Monday, December 26, 2011

Catching up, Cupcakes, and Christmas.

This morning I felt so lazy so I slept in. Later when I woke up I weighed in at 175.2 . Which means that I gained .8 lbs. I am so sick of the 170's it's not even funny! I am going to get more serious about my diet (strict!). I think I need to go back to measuring EVERYTHING and not just eyeballing portions. I'm a little annoyed. For some reason am not moving forward.

I did really good on my exercise this week as you can see on my calender...
  • Sunday- Biked 46 miles ( freaking hard! )
  • Monday- Rest
  • Tuesday- Cardio at gym 55 min + 30 min weight lifting + walk 1 mile
  • Wednesdy- Skipped the gym but jogged 30 minutes on my lunch break @ work
  • Thursday- Cardio at gym 65 min + 30 min weight lifting + walk 1 mile
  • Friday- Cardio at gym 65 min + 10 min weight lifting + walk 3 miles
  • Saturday- Cardio at gym 65 min + walk 2 miles
Now onto my Christmas and presents...

 My boyfriend Todd and I fully enjoyed our presents that we got for each other.
Todd enjoying his "Every day I'm Shufflin" shirt.
I have never seen someone love LMFAO so much in my life!

Todd got me the vegan pie cook book I wanted + a vegan cupcake cook book that I didn't even know was out yet! Plus I got a frosting decorating set! I was so happy that I made cupcakes ASAP.

Love my cook books!

Simple Chocolates cupcakes with Chocolate butter-cream frosting
I cant forget to add that my friend Hannah is in town this week and brought with her a big bag of clothes that she didn't want anymore. I was so grateful! I wish I could have got her a present but I am really broke right now. I needed clothes bad! About half of them I fit now and the rest are goal clothes. Thanks Hannah!

Some tops that fit me now.
 A floral top and white sweater that she gave me.
My roommate Debbie had a get together with friends here tonight. I filled up on rice, pasta, and cupcakes. Carb city! So NOT what I should be eating right now but I can't un-eat it all so I will just do my best to improve tomorrow. I don't even want to know how many calories I ate tonight. At least I burned a few calories playing games on her sons Move PS3.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting over my cold.

Yesterday I weighed in at 174 on the nose. That's a l.4 pound loss from last week. Not bad considering I didn't go to the gym once last week because of my cold. I have been sticking to my calories (most days). I'm so close to the 160's so I can't let mental set backs get to me. I do this thing where I am hard on myself if I do one little thing wrong (which some days leads to binging). What I need right now is some positive thinking and to stop stressing over every little thing I do wrong. Dwelling only sets me back further. At this point I have to realize that I am behind and that I am probably not going to lose 100 pounds at my year mark ( probably a little over a year). Well here is something positive. I checked my BMI today and it's 26.5. Only 11 pounds to go before I am in a healthy BMI range!  I remember when I was 95 pounds away from a healthy BMI and it just seemed impossible!

Next week I am hoping for 172 on Sunday (my next weigh in). Today went to the gym and did my normal routine.
  •  1 mile- walk to the gym
  • 15 minutes- biking (level 10)
  • 50 minutes- elliptical (level 11)
  • 30 minutes- strength training (today lower body tomorrow upper)
  • 1 mile- walk home from the gym
I am definitely hitting the gym for the rest of the week because I feel so much better. Also I am going to try chewing gum more often (something I used to do at the beginning of my weight loss). I have been getting so many cravings lately so I will try to chew a piece of gum every time I'm not really hungry but just "snacky" and see if that works for me. Sweet watermelon Extra will be my friend this week.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goals (from two posts ago) and the cookie making party.

So this is how my goals turned out last week.
  • Gym 3 days 
  • Went over my calories by 100-200 3 days in a row.
  • I ate 3 cookies that day (where is my self control?)
  • Still stressing out
  • Lost .08 pounds (weigh in Sunday 175.4)
  • Chanted 2 times a day for 3 days
    I really wish that I could have done better on my goals last week.

    This week is somewhat of a wash at least with my workouts because I have been sick. I have a head cold. I really just need to rest. I have learned from last year that when you are sick you should just stay home. I was up in the gym coughing and people were staring at me and telling me to go home. I thought for sure that I would have gained weight because I haven't gone to the gym this week. I did a pre-weigh in today and the scale says that I'm 173.4. I probably lost weight because I'm dehydrated or something.

    As for the cookie party Saturday....
    So much fun!!
    Gina and I.
    I have never led a cookie making party before. It was so fun! I am so thankful to everyone that showed up and helped bake, package, clean and support.

    World Peace Prayer the next day...
    That is me up there on stage MC- ing with Eliza. She brought the Xmas hats. Last minute we prepared some Christmas songs that we changed to go with our Buddhist meeting " We wanna wish you a happy gongyo from the bottom of our hearts!" Lol!

    Gina giving her experience. She has accomplished so much!
    What 250 cookies looks like. All packaged and labeled.

    Me, Jan, and Terry offering up the cookies to everyone leaving.