Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Goals (from two posts ago) and the cookie making party.

So this is how my goals turned out last week.
  • Gym 3 days 
  • Went over my calories by 100-200 3 days in a row.
  • I ate 3 cookies that day (where is my self control?)
  • Still stressing out
  • Lost .08 pounds (weigh in Sunday 175.4)
  • Chanted 2 times a day for 3 days
    I really wish that I could have done better on my goals last week.

    This week is somewhat of a wash at least with my workouts because I have been sick. I have a head cold. I really just need to rest. I have learned from last year that when you are sick you should just stay home. I was up in the gym coughing and people were staring at me and telling me to go home. I thought for sure that I would have gained weight because I haven't gone to the gym this week. I did a pre-weigh in today and the scale says that I'm 173.4. I probably lost weight because I'm dehydrated or something.

    As for the cookie party Saturday....
    So much fun!!
    Gina and I.
    I have never led a cookie making party before. It was so fun! I am so thankful to everyone that showed up and helped bake, package, clean and support.

    World Peace Prayer the next day...
    That is me up there on stage MC- ing with Eliza. She brought the Xmas hats. Last minute we prepared some Christmas songs that we changed to go with our Buddhist meeting " We wanna wish you a happy gongyo from the bottom of our hearts!" Lol!

    Gina giving her experience. She has accomplished so much!
    What 250 cookies looks like. All packaged and labeled.

    Me, Jan, and Terry offering up the cookies to everyone leaving.

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