Monday, January 9, 2012

Today marks 1 year of wieght loss!

I weighed in today and I lost 5.2 pounds from last week. That means I pretty much am down to my low weight before the holidays!

I am excited for my post today because I made it through ...
1 year of weight loss!
From a size 22/24 to a size 12/13.
Pounds and inches lost in 1 year
Start weight: 258 lbs
Currant weight: 174.6 lbs
Weight lost : 83.4 lbs

Before               Now                       Lost
Arms: 15''            Arms: 12 +1/4''    (-2 +3/4")
Bust: 48''             Bust: 37"             (-11")
Waist: 52''          Waist: 40"            (-12")
Hips: 51''             Hips: 41"             (-10")

 I am really happy that I started my journey of a healthy lifestyle change even if I didn't reach my goal of 100 pounds lost in a year.

It really helped to have support from my boyfriend Todd. I hated jogging at first but after he showed me that it was just mind over matter. I realized that I had a lot of emotional set backs while I was exercising and he helped me break free of my "word prisons". He helped me feel comfortable at the gym and even showed me how to lift weights. Now we are both so much healthier because I exercise so much and he is all about his biking lately. Don't even get me started on the portions sizes that we used to eat! We would eat a whole brick of cheese and a whole pack of crackers AS A SNACK! That was after breakfast lunch and dinner. Now I have a much better idea of portions and I measure all my food out before I cook it. I still calorie count using I love that website! It completely opened my eyes to what I am eating.
See that bump on my arm there? That's called a Tricep. Oh yeah muscles!

Vegan golden vanilla cupcakes with fluffy vanilla butter-cream frosting
Tomorrow is my birthday! I turn 22! Good thing I have some cupcakes leftover from the other day of baking for my Buddhist meeting. Maybe I will stick a candle in one of them and make a wish!?

Goals for 2012:
  • Start going to school so I can learn and support myself.
  • Get to the 140's or 150's. 
  • Introduce more people to my practice.
  • Run another 5k and maybe even do a 10k race (need to train).


  1. Umm, I CANNOT believe I am saying this, but can I do a 5k with you? AHH. What am I saying?

    LORRIE You are so stinking beautiful (in both pics). I am so proud of you (and can I applaud myself for being the first to "follow" your blog. Lol.

    I love your tricep picture. And, I'm curious for an explanation of "word prisons"???

  2. Heck yea lets do a race together! I read an article once about "word prisons" on the blog section of my calorie count website. It basically means that if you tell yourself or tell other poeple that you can't do something than you are setting yourself up for failure. Thinking and saying negative unproductive thoughts just enforces unproductive behavior.

  3. I love These are all such great posts, I appreciate watching you 'get there'.


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