Monday, January 2, 2012

A new year and a new waistline.

Happy 2012 everybody! Only one more week until my 1 year of weight loss anniversary! This purple skirt used to be tight on me 1 year ago. They are a size 24. The past few weeks I have been feeling sad that I have been gaining a bit ( this week I gained 4.6 so now I am 179.8). But when I try this old skirt on I realize that I have accomplished so much and that ALL the weight will NOT come back overnight. Plus I feel like Jared from that Subway commercial. But I'm still scared sometimes that I will let myself get that size again.

My New Years
I had so much fun this new years! My roommate had a pajama party with her family and friends and we played white elephant. I have never played that kind of game with gifts. She said we could only steal twice so I was the second person to steal this old navy gift card which means ITS ALL MINE!! I think I'm going to keep it until I reach my goal weight as a reward.
My roommates sister Kathy gave me these pajamas to wear for the party. They are perfect because they have cupcakes on them and I am currently obsessed with cupcakes =). Speaking of cupcakes next week I am making vanilla cupcakes with white butter-cream frosting and the chocolate with chocolate butter-cream frosting for my next Buddhist district meeting.


  1. That is a great gift for a White Elephant exchange! Looks like you had a great time.... Happy New Year!

  2. Yay Lorrie! I love the visual with you in your old skirt.


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