Saturday, August 31, 2013

A walk to the Seattle Japanese garden

Whats up with me lately?
My schedule has been working out perfectly for Todd and I lately! We have been working similar shifts and are getting more days off together. I still have to do a wedding post too! I have a youtube video and pics I want to post. We have been celebrating our marriage and going out a little too much. On top of that I have been skipping too many workouts and I am not biking to work anymore because I transferred to a Safeway closer to my home. All that considered I am back up to 161.4 lbs. This annoys me because that means less than 100 lbs lost since I started my healthy lifestyle change. I am trying to redetermine myself now to eat healthier and meal plan more often. I think I did pretty good with my workouts and meal planning this week so I'm hoping to be back in the 150's for tomorrows Sunday morning weigh in.

A walk to the Seattle Japanese garden
Todd and I decided to go on a walk to the Seattle Japanese Garden. It was a lovely walk! They raised the admission price to $6. Still not bad though. I haven't been in a few years. My favorite part is the pretty little bridge in the center. When you get there you are surrounded by a dozen multi colored koi fish! They linger there because that's were people normally like to feed them. It looks like a fantasy world (If I believed in fairies they would live here). We walked 7.7 miles and burned over 600 calories!

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