Sunday, November 6, 2011


So I woke up at about 7am and weighed myself. So I am 176.8. That's a .6 pound loss. It's not bad but I wish I could have reached my goal of 2 pounds. 81.2 pound lost. 18.8 more to go before January ( if I want to reach my goal of losing 100 in 1 year).  Recently I cut my cardio from 65 minutes a day to 45. I bet that's what did it because I have been sticking to my 1500 calories. Next week I'm going to stick with my usual 65 minute sessions and see how that goes. I think I'm finally getting used to my 1500. Every time I cut my calories I'm kind of a bitch for the first few weeks so forgive me if I seemed crabby during those times!

After weighing in, my roommate Debbie took Todd and I to World Peace Prayer. Our District has split into 2 so now where I live is it's own district. Of course a new district means new leaders. Debbie was appointed Women's Division Leader, Todd (Men's Division Leader), and I was appointed Young Women's Division Leader for our district!! They called us all up on stage to announce our new leaderships. So many new changes exciting!!! Buddhist meetings at my house!

This weeks blog post is pretty much kind of one of those "haul"ones...I must share my new found goodies!!

First of all I needed new work out shoes so bad. It's amazing how fast you go through shoes when you change up your activity level.  I got these to replace my old Nike's.
 Apparently I went down a size in shoes the past months because I went from an 11 to a size 10. I didn't realize how much I was swimming in my old ones.

I also stocked up on some dark chocolate since they were buy 1 get 1 at Fred Meyer. This is my second fav brand but Theo is still the best!.

...Last but not least is this new wine Todd and I picked out.
I'm not usually a fan of wine. When it's dark chocolate wine I for sure am! Don't worry I only had 1 glass =) .


  1. Isn't it so interesting how your feet actually go down sizes as you lose weight? I like the new shoes!

  2. I love them too! They are so comfy. Yeah, you don't realize it at first but it makes sense to lose weight everywhere including hands and feet.

  3. hey chicklett dont drink too much wine cause it has added sugar in it and sugar is hard to loose and shed off. Great job on sticking to your goals!!!


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