Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hey Ya!

Ok so my last weigh in I kind of cheated. When I woke up Sunday morning I weighed myself and it said 180.8. Then I went back to sleep and weighed myself again a few hours later when I woke up. That time  the scale said 178.8. I was so excited that I decided that the second weigh in was the "official" one. No harm in that right?

Later that day Todd and I decided to go to Taster Wok. I wasn't going to drink but when we got there they said that the dining room was closed but the bar was open with a full menu. Two Mai Tai's later I was singing karaoke.

Totally unlike me but it was fun! We had an order of their Szechuan eggplant and their mock shredded pork. They were both really good. I have never seen eggplant look so meat-like. At first I thought they made a mistake and served us meat. The food was so good!

Oh and I've moved up to the Bakery at Safeway! I never realized how hard people in the bakery dept. work until this week! At least I got a laugh when I realized that the caramel sticky bun had a misprint.


  1. Girl! You are looking amazing! Good job :)

  2. Lol. That's so funny! I would like a stinky bun please! Lololol.

    I think it's TOTALLY fine that you reweighed yourself again, btw

  3. It only took TWO mai-tai's to karaoke?! Oh you lightweight! (in all great sense's of the word.)

  4. Diana - I couldn't stop laughing! It doesn't take much to get me into a laughing frenzy.

    Breath-e - (lightweight) I know! About 10 months ago it took about 10 + drinks to get me like that. Well at least I save money now when I buy drinks.

  5. wow... i need a few more drinks for karaoke in front of strangers... it doesnt take that many in front of friends though lol.

    Blog award!


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