Monday, October 17, 2011

A new form of chocolate and the "boom".

We all know how much I love chocolate...well if you don't you know now! When I was at Bartell Drugs I found this new Theo sipping chocolate. I wasn't sure at first because I thought the chipotle might make it too spicy. I just melted 1/2 cup almond milk with 3 Tbsp of this stuff on the stove top in a small pan. It turned out so good! The chipotle and cinnamon just add a depth and warmth to the flavor and doesn't over power. The texture of the sipping chocolate is kinda like hot chocolate but thicker. At only 158 calories per serving, I think I will drink this everyday!

Yesterdays weigh in wasn't so good. I only lost .4 pounds. I know why though. I only exercised 3 days and I went over my calories last Sunday because I couldn't control myself with all those cookies I made for movie night. I went 400 calories over. It could have been worse I guess.

My goal for this week is 6 days at the gym. I'm off to a good start today. Only 5 more days to go.
  • 30 minute jog to the gym
  • 35 minutes on the elliptical
  • 30 minutes of lower body strength training 
  • 2 mile walk home
I felt so good after my workout today! I thought since I haven't jogged for 3 weeks that it would be a little hard. I was at a really good pace the whole time and I didn't stop once.

The past few nights I have been staying up late watching this MTV show called "I used to be fat". I'm addicted. I found out about the show from A New Poison's blog. I can really relate to some of the stories. My favorite trainer on the show is Joey. He was showing Josh how to pick up the ladies with what he calls the "boom" and "power stance". I couldn't stop laughing!


  1. I just saw this stuff at the factory a few days ago. I'm glad to read your review. How much did it cost at Bartell's, because that stuff was pricey at the factory.

  2. I think it was $7.99. I think it's a little pricey too. It will last me at least 2 weeks though.

  3. That looks absolutely delicious! I've started to get my chocolate craving so I think I'll be looking for theo :)

  4. Pretty sure that looks amazing.


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