Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back on Track.

It's Sunday which translates to weigh in day for me. I really stuck to my calories and my work out plan this week so I thought I would lose 2 pounds. Somehow I lost 4 pounds! So now my currant weight is 200.6. Next week I'm hoping to be below 200! Today I increased my jogging to 7 minutes with 1 minute walking in intervals 4 times. It was a little tough but I made it to the gym. Also I increased my weights at the gym today. The prone leg curl is kicking my butt!
                                   Here's a random pic of me that I took yesterday.
                                         (size large top and size large shorts)

 When my dad came to my work and gave me a bag of mung beans I was thinking what in the world am I gonna do with these? Well I found this recipe for Moong Dal and made some freakin' good Indian food!  Only 448 calories for dinner when paired with brown basmati rice. Next time I have to remember to wear gloves when I chop the fingers burned for 2 days :( .

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