Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back from vacation and feeling good!

Yesterday morning was my weigh in. I am 155.2. I pretty much lost the weight I gained before I went on vacation. Weird you think I would gain weight after vacation not before lol! It did help that I biked alot during my vacation with Todd and his son Max. His son stayed with us for a week. One day we biked 4 times around Greenlake. Well Max and I did anyway. Todd went around 5 times. We couldn't keep up with Todd the speed demon. It has been so muggy hot in Seattle lately. A few times last week we biked to Mathew beach just so we could cool off in the water. 

Here are some pictures of us chillin' @ Mathews Beach.

My gym was closed for maintenance during part of my vacation. Once they re-opened I managed to make it 4 times to the gym. Even though we ate out a lot I think I managed to make some good decisions.

Vegan Eats
Today's dinner was Tofu scramble with seasoned baby potatoes. One of my fav dinners to make! It's a really fast meal.

A few days ago Todd and I went to Hillside Quickie in the University District. Their food is so good and filling! I could only eat half of my spicy jamaican burger then I saved the rest for dinner. The only complaint I have is that my peanut butter banana milkshake was more like a smoothie. But it too was delicious! Anyways I noticed that they have a sign that said "Protein by the pound". Today I purchased a pound of their tofu pastrami. The dude at the counter gave me 3 frozen blocks of the stuff. I thawed one of the blocks and sliced it. I'm going to try it in a wrap tomorrow and see how it goes.

Tofustrami frozen
Tofustrami thawed and sliced.
My workouts this week

Sunday- Bike 12 miles.
Monday- Elliptical trainer 65 minutes + upper body strength training.
Tuesday- Elliptical trainer 65 minutes + lower body strength training.
Wednesday- Elliptical trainer 65 minutes + upper body strength training.
Thursday- Elliptical trainer 65 minutes + lower body strength training.
Friday- Bike 30 miles
Saturday- Rest.

Current weight: 155.2.
Lost this week: 2.4 lbs.
Total lost since January 2011: 102.8 lbs.


  1. holy shit i thought that was ur dad not ur bf. srsly? whats the age diff?


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