Monday, April 16, 2012

Catching up.

Dear internet, I have missed you so!
It's so nice to be moved in my new place. Todd and I are finally settled in and have internet! I have not been counting my calories ever since we moved (too lazy to go to the library to use the internet). The first week we moved in I maintained. The week after that I gained .6 (not too crazy). And this week I gained 1.6 (okay it's getting a little crazy now). Todd and I have been eating out WAY too much. There is so much good food where we live now.

Developing a new routine.
The good news is that ever since we moved I have been riding my bike to work and back every day! It's only 8 miles a day = to about 300 calories burned. I figure it's pretty cool to be saving $5 per day on bus fare and burning calories at the same time. I am planning on making this biking to work thing a real habit. Next week I am going to pay for a membership to the YMCA so I can also get in my other workouts and weight lifting. The YMCA is a much better deal then the other gym where I live. Now I just need to keep making home made healthy portioned meals and stop eating out so much.

It was a really nice day. I took full advantage of the sun by going to the farmers market and going to visit my family. I brought over some banana bread I made the night before and just visited a bit.

My 3 nieces are getting so big!
My mother and I.

I had my sister take this picture of me in this sweater she gave me.

Today I am off work and decided to clean up the studio and do laundry. I went to the YMCA to use my 3 day pass. I did my usual routine of 15 minutes on the bike and 50 minutes on the elliptical fallowed by 30 minutes weight lifting. I feel hopeful about losing weight again because for the first time in weeks I stuck to my workout and 1300 calories. I also made a pretty healthy dinner!
Mmmmm heart shaped sushi for dinner! ♥
(short grain brown rice, avocado, carrot, cucumber, and tofutti cream cheese) 
When I split this big roll of sushi with Todd and add in some kimchi on the side it's 412 calories. Not bad.

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