Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trip to Ocean Shores

When we arrived to the timeshare we realized they actually did have a gym on the 2nd floor and wi-fi! The online description said the exact opposite. I was super happy about that! I don't feel too comfortable without my caloriecounter just yet .

Here are some pics from the trip...

 The view of the ocean from the living room was so beautiful!

What the timeshare building looks like from the beach.
Todd and I walking on the beach.

There were lots of deer everywhere. I have never seen a deer before so that was pretty cool. Here is one staring up at me when I was on the balcony.

It was Todd's birthday on the 11th so I made us all vanilla cupcakes. Happy B day Todd!

Todd and I walking on the beach with his parents. ( This beach was a few miles away from the time share)

 Todd with his mom and dad.

The greatest part about this beach was the Snowy Owls. You can get a better view if you click on the pic.

  The Quinault Rainforest loop trail. This trail was so much fun to walk.

 A cool waterfall on the trail.

These pants are starting to get loose on me.
The trip was from Feb. 5th-14th. I had so much fun! Todd's parents were so nice and very accommodating with our vegan-ism. It was a little tough when going out to eat because most things had seafood but I found at least one vegan option on each menu. I even made us all vegan blueberry pancakes for breakfast one of the days. Todd's dad (Mike) was like " These taste like buttermilk pancakes!". When I said "Nope soy milk" he made a fake yucky face as a joke. My favorite thing on this trip was learning how to play rummy. I forgot how much fun it is to play cards with a group of people.

When I arrived home I weighed myself to see what the damage was. The scale said 168.8! That's a loss of 1.4 pounds! I have never lost weight during a vacation before.


  1. Cool! I have never been there before. It's been on R's wishlist ever since moving back up here. Those cupcakes looked yummy. And.....I can't believe you've never seen a deer before! That's crazy

  2. You should plan a vacation there. I bet it would be even cooler during the summertime. That is if everything isn't booked. Those cupcakes were pretty good. I didn't have my mixer with me so I had to buy pillsbury frosting which is surprisingly vegan. Still home made frosting is superior.

  3. I really want to go there! Thanks for sharing and congrats on losing while on vacation! That is success :)


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