Monday, February 6, 2012

Annoyed at the scale and intuitive eating.

So this video pretty much sums up my feelings with the scale on Sunday.
I did great on my calories and workouts all week long. I was expecting a really good loss like last week but what happens? I gain .6 pounds. Most of you out there are probably like "Pssssht whatever .6 pounds!. I just worked so hard and I'm still a little annoyed about the fact that I'm in the 170's again. On a positive note I most likely gained muscle because I lost an inch from last month.

Next week I'm going on a 1 week vacation with my boyfriend and his parents to a timeshare in Ocean Shores. They said that there will be a gym there so I don't need to worry about missing exercise. I will however be going through calorie-count and blogger withdrawals because there will be no internet access!! I am a little addicted to the internet these days so maybe it will be good for me? That means intuitive eating for me. Am I ready?! We will see what the scale says when I get back from the trip.

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  1. You're definitely at a point where paying close attention to inches is important, because the scale isn't always going to be as friendly. I bet the measuring will though!!! Numbers, shnumbers.... sometimes they're just plain annoying.


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