Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Size 14!

I've been feeling a little blaa this week about writing my blog so this ones gonna be short...

Today I did my usual 30 minute jog to the gym. When I got to Gold's Gym it was closed (duh Labor Day!).  I had to go the the bathroom so bad by then. Thankfully there is an Albertson's right next to the gym! I realized that I needed to get more cardio in. So after Albertson's I then jogged the rest of the way home (60 minutes total of jogging). When I finally got home I was so freakin thirsty. Nothing makes me crave water more than a good work out.

 When I went to Forever 21 last week to check out their jeans I picked up a couple pairs of 14's!!! Here's a pic of me in my new skinny jeans. Next week I'm hoping to be in the 180's + post more recipes and pics of food.

 Oh yeah, here is something I forgot to post last week. I hope my sister comes over next week to go blackberry picking with me again because the day after the 5k she made this at my house. She was just like "Really you have all these free berries by your house and you just ignore them?". It was probably my favorite part of last week besides the 5k and Buddhist family picnic =). My sister has all the pics of the picnic on her camera so I hope to share them with everyone when she comes over next time.

Seriously, the best blackberry pie ever!


  1. oooh that pie looks good! and yay for size 14! I just got new pants in size 14 a couple days ago myself!! I think its been 10 years since I last seen this size, at least!

  2. It's been probably about the same for me...of course I don't know for sure exactly how many years. My parents wouldn't let me wear jeans (only skirts and dresses) until I was in middle school and by then I was already a size 16.


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