Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Focusing on the positives.

I went to look at my calender and noticed that I've pretty much been maintaining the low 150's for 2 months now. That would be good if that was my goal.  I am making a new determination to get to my goal of 140 lbs. I have some hard habits that I need to break...
  • Food binges- I have a few cookies here or some candy there and don't count it in my calories. Those little snacks I don't log can really add up.
  • Skipping strength training- I have been skipping way too much lately. I need to tone and tighten this extra skin!
  • Sleeping In- The snooze button is my worst enemy! Some days I need to get my workout in early or else it's just not going to happen.
What I need to do is just realize where I am at and what I can do to fix it. Move on instead of beating myself up over stupid little negatives. I'm trying to focus on positives and just enjoy what I'm doing instead of over analyzing everything. Some of the positives lately...
  • New workout buddies- I've been making a few new workout buddies a lately. Some from work and some just out and about. This one girl in particular has been calling me up mornings when I feel like sleeping in and meeting me at my gym! 
  • Supportive Boyfriend- My boyfriend Todd has always been very helpful during my journey. One day recently he knew that I did not burn my full goal of calories so he was like " Lets go for a bike ride". We rode from the U-district  to The Ballard locks and back that day. Almost 10 miles! 
  • Stronger- My 8 mile bike rides to and from work have been getting easier and easier lately. The hills aren't as bad and dare I say that I actually look forward to my commute??!! 
  • Tighter Skin- I think the biking has been helping with my extra skin. I have noticed that it is much less loose lately.
I can't wait until I get a new computer!! All I have right now is a broken laptop that can't download pictures correctly. That is partly why I have not been blogging because I like to show pictures of whats going on. O' well I decided that it is more important to blog then to not.

Before I mentioned binge eating as a bad habit of mine lately. It is something that I will have to deal with everyday and will forever be in the back of my mind. A few days ago I found a great podcast that talked about how to deal with binge eating and also guest starred one of my fav bloggers Katie from runsforcookies.com. Katie's weight loss journey is so inspirational! If you are looking for a boost check out the link to the podcast I heard a few days ago....

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  1. Ah, you have more positives than negative. Build on that! Tighter skin? Awesome!


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