Friday, June 15, 2012

Dang Cold!

Dang Cold!
This is the third day of my cold. Yesterday at work, my job was to register people for Safeway's new online coupon program. "Hello, have you heard of Safeway's new (achoo!)(snot flying) program?"
I haven't been to the gym in 2 days and I am definitely not going today because of this cough and how stuffed up I am. I've still been biking to work though. Mostly because I'm so used to not taking the bus. I'm happy I'm off today. Maybe I can get some rest and clean up my studio.

Meeting goals.
Two weeks ago I got down to 160.4. I know it was because I stuck to my workouts and did not binge. I stuck to my 1500 calories as well. The week after there was a few days I ate WAY too much and I went back up to 163.2. My boyfriend and I went over to his co-workers to watch a movie and hang out. They ordered pizza before I got there and I cannot control myself with cheese so guess what happened? I ate 5 giant slices of Domino's pizza and 2 giant pieces of cheesy bread. I looked it up online. That night I had 1700 calories for dinner!

Even with those setbacks I have still been reaching some goals. I have been eating out way less and I have been making more healthy (or healthier) homemade meals at home. I have been tracking my nutrition making sure I get A's and B's on calorie count.

Here's some of the meals I have been making this week...
Spicy bbq soy curl sandwich. I eat this with tater tots.
Spicy Indian style (curried) fajitas with soyrizo, mushroom, bell pepper and onion topped with tofutti sour cream.
Vegan tofurky picnic wrap. 
(tofurky, tofutti cheddar, pickles, tomato, red onion, lettuce, vegenaise, mission spinach and herb wrap) 

Todd is all about the fried tofu version though. It's probably a little healthier but I have been addicted to tofurky lately.

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