Saturday, March 24, 2012

Purging my old clothes for some trades @ Crossroads Trading Co.

My 1st stop today was Crossroads Trading  Co. I let them peruse my mondo bag of old clothes. About 30 minutes later I was called to the desk. I was told that they would be selling 4 items out of my bag. 1 purple old navy scarf, 1 H&M Jacket, 1 Treve Sweater, and I think the last Item was a top of some sort. I could choose between $17 cash or $23 dollars in store credit. I chose store credit and purchased these for trade.

Top and Dress form Crossroads
Then I went to Buffalo Exchange to try to sell the rest but they said my clothes were not what they were looking for. I thought for sure that they would have taken my flats and Roxy dress at least but no. So my last stop of the day was Goodwill. At least I got a couple items out of the whole Adventure. Not bad for stuff that I was never going to wear again anyway but now my closet is freaking empty. My boyfriend now has way more clothes than me!

Here is a pic of me in the top. It's a pretty frivolous purchase but it's just plain awesome!

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