Monday, October 3, 2011

SGI annual Ballard Locks photo

Dang it! another .4 pound loss week. I'm seriously gonna cut my calories to 1500 now. It might make up for the extra days off from the gym I have been taking lately. Anyways after I weighed myself I quickly ate breakfast. I was in a hurry because I woke up a little late and I was about to be picked up by Gretchen to go to World Peace Prayer for my first official Byakuren shift. I pretty much just greeted people at the door and Gretchen MC'ed the event. Afterwords, we went to PCC to grab some lunch. I made semi-healthy choices. I bought a cup of fresh tomato basil soup, 1 banana, and 1 vegan peanut butter and chocolate chip cookie. Like always when I got home after eating out I had to just guess on my calories when I got home.


Later we went to the Ballard Locks to do another Byakuran shift there for our annual Ballard Locks photo.We all get together as a group to take a photo to commemorate our mentor Daisaku Ikeda's first visit to the locks in 1960. We just waved SGI-USA flags at the entrance and told people where the photo was going to be taken.

Even though I didn't work out today I am so sore! Todd had to bus it to work so I decided to walk 3 miles with Todd to the park and ride. Then I walked back and went to the grocery store and carried groceries home part of the way. As usual it was a busy busy Sunday! = )


  1. You have really come far. I SUCK at tracking and keep guesstimating. It's working for me though, somehow or another. Looking forward to seeing you hit your goal!

  2. I don't think everyone needs to calorie count. My co-worker lost over 100 pounds just guesstimating on how much he should eat.


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