Monday, September 26, 2011

My Sunday, new dress, and inches lost.

I need to re-determine myself on my workout situation. My boyfriend asks me why I don't cut my calories to compensate for my lack of working out. I'm like "No Way!". I hate cutting my calories because it means less snacks and I love my chocolate. I know if I just stick to my workout plan that I'll lose the weight. I only want to cut them when It's necessary. Since I just cut them to 1600 I don't think it's time yet. Maybe 10 more pounds from now. This week I only worked out 3 days. No wonder I only lost .4 least that brings my total loss over 70 pounds (70.2 to be exact). So I'm 187.8. I'm so close to my boyfriends weight. It's gonna be weird when I'm smaller than him because I never have been. The other day he actually picked me up while I was trying to make lunch in the kitchen. I was like "doesn't that hurt?" Sometimes I forget that I'm smaller now. This morning I woke up early and did my workout routine. I also went up 10 pounds for each machine for lower body weights. The squats were so hard to do with 20 pound free weights! But then again that's what I said when I was using the 15 pound ones. I've just noticed how strong I have been getting and how I actually have triceps! I don't think I have ever had visible muscles that you could feel on my arms before. I wish I had more time Sundays to spend relaxing. Sundays are pretty much days were I just wake up, weigh in, work-out, go to Buddhist meetings, then go to sleep. Don't get me wrong It's a very productive day...I just wish that I had more time with my boyfriend. This morning after my workout my friend Gretchen from my Buddhist practice took me to my first Byakuren meeting. The Byakuren are a group of SGI young women's division who take care of the members behind the scenes and make sure that events run smoothly. It was a great meeting and I met some women that were very inspirational. After the meeting Gretchen and I told ghost stories in the car and then went to Value Village. Byakuren need to wear white blouses and I don't own one. None of the white blouses there were in my size!! So I bought a really cute Roxy dress in a size large for $6.00 and a vintage looking black blouse to go with it for only $4.00. Not too shabby for some frivolous attire.

Last week I forgot to post the inches that I have lost in the past (about) 9 months. So here ya go!
       Before               Now            Lost
Arms: 15''            Arms: 13''      (-2)
Bust: 48''             Bust: 40"       (-8)
Waist: 52''          Waist: 41"      (-11)
Hips: 51''             Hips: 44"       (-7)

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  1. Wow girl that dress is adorable! and the price... OOOH I'm jealous!


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